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There are many ways to earn swagbucks. No matter what you do online, there is no doubt that if you are willing, you can incorporate swagbucks into it in some way. If you do, you can earn free gift cards from places such as Amazon for little work. If you learn the ropes, you can even achieve this fairly easily. If you have not signed up, you should. With that said, here are the best ways that you can earn swagbucks.

1. Install the Swagbucks Toolbar
The most obvious benefit to this is that you get one point each day that you log on and see the toolbar. This is a free buck! The toolbar also has easy tools that allow you to search the web, check to see if there is an active swag code, or watch Swagbucks TV. It can be helpful to get some quick points, or to check where you stand without having to actually go the site itself.

2. Do your online searches through Swagbucks
If you are going to search online (and who doesn’t?), you may as well do it through swagbucks! I have success getting search points within my first few searches of the day, usually around 8-10 for it (sometimes as high as 50+). Then, if you are able to search on a separate web browser, I have success getting a second set of search points each day. This can easily net me 20 on one day, just for doing what I would normally do each day online. The search changed a bit since I first wrote the linked post, so here is an update.

3. Take the daily poll
This is a quick poll that gives you one buck, and can be done in a matter of seconds. You can also do the NOSO (No Obligations Special Offers) that will give you a quick and easy two.

4. Get referrals
If you are able to refer anyone to sign up with your referral link, it is huge for you. You can earn swagbucks on all of their searches (for example, if they get 10 on a search, you get 10), which can add up. There is a maximum of 1,000 earned from a referral, but if someone reaches that mark, it means you have earned enough for two $5 Amazon gift cards and then some just from their referral.

5. Watch out for and input swag codes
One way to find these is through the toolbar, where you can check. There are often codes on the blog, on twitter, on facebook, or just on the main page itself. The best way, I think, is to use a site like SB Codez, and have them email you when there is a code. That way, if you are on the computer (and logged onto your email), you will be right there to redeem the code, ensuring that you will not miss it.

6. Watch Swagbucks TV
This is not a quick way to get bucks, but it can be lucrative. You earn 3 swagbucks for every 10 videos you watch (and you usually only need to watch about 45 seconds of a video before you can click to the next one). If you are going to be at the computer all day, you can easily play videos all day and rack up some points. You can get up to 150 swagbucks per day off of this.

7. Look at the special offers
If you look at Discover -> Special Offers, there are often videos and exercises that you can do to get points. Among the most common ones are signing up for email subscriptions to stores to send you sales, which can net you some points. There are a lot of possibilities here that will not cost you anything.

8. Do some surveys
This can be hit or miss, because it is not always easy to qualify for surveys, but there is big bucks in it for you if you are able to. On the main page, there is the survey of the day, which is generally worth 60. There are also “Trusted Surveys” for various amounts that you can try to qualify for.

9. Clip coupons from Swagbucks
You get 10 bucks for every coupon that you use in stores. Check out the coupon section, and if there is something that you are going to buy anyway, you can save a little cash and pick up a few extra swagbucks while you are at it.

10. Do your shopping through Swagbucks
There are many merchants that you can order online from, and you will get a certain amount of swagbucks per dollar spent. For example, if you buy MP3 music off of Amazon, you can get 3 bucks per dollar spent at Amazon. Once again, the idea is that if you are going to do it anyway, you may as well benefit from it.

11. Watch for videos and exercises on the main page
Often there will be small videos that you can watch off the main page to get swagbucks. Sometimes, there are even things such as brand activities that could be worth up to 5 or 6. This is one of the first things I check each day, to see if I can snag any easy bucks.

12. Take a look at tasks to complete
If you have a little bit of extra time, you can check out tasks, where you can earn swagbucks for easy things like searching online for answers to questions. These aren’t lucrative, and can be a bit time-consuming, but it is an option if you are looking for a few extra bucks.

13. Check your swagbucks inbox
There is often great offers that come to your inbox, so watch to see if you have anything in there. Almost daily, there are at least videos you can watch for 2 bucks. Often, there are special offers in there that can be worth a lot more. Check it every day, and it might give you an extra boost.

14. Reach your daily goals
If you reach your daily goal (posted on the main page), you can get a bonus. The bonus is 10% of the daily goal. For example, if the goal is 100, and you get at least that amount, you will get a 10 swagbuck bonus. Those get credited to your account around the fifth day of the following month. Sometimes, these can add up to huge bonuses.

15. Play Games
If you play games, you can easily earn up to 10 swagbucks a day. It is another easy way to boost your earnings each day.

16. SBTV Mobile
If you have a smartphone, you can earn up to 50 SB just by cycling through videos on your phone. It’s a great way to earn some extra per day!

17. Do Encrave Activities
This is one of the best ways to earn, as there are always encrave activities to complete. There is a wide variety, so there is always something for everyone.

Anyone else have any other ideas for ways to earn? Here is a bit of a daily swagbucks checklist.

If you have not already, sign up for swagbucks today!


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