Always Check Your Swagbucks Inbox

June 29th, 2013

When I first started Swagbucks, I almost never checked by Inbox. I figured that it was mostly just going to be filled with spam that I wouldn’t benefit from. Since I didn’t do many special offers at the time, I figured there was nothing in it for me.

I was wrong!

There are often very easy swagbucks to be had just by checking out your inbox. Often there are easy points for just watching a video, or a series of videos. Just like other special videos or offers you might complete through the homepage, you can get many of these free points through your inbox as well.

For example – currently there is a Samsung video that you can watch to get swagbucks. I have seen this often on the homepage over the past week, usually for 1 swagbuck at a time. However, I have also seen this video show up in my inbox frequently, often allowing me to earn bucks for watching it again. Even better, a lot of times I will earn 1 SB for watching a video on the homepage, only to find an offer in my inbox to watch the same video for 2 SB.

It pays to check your swagbucks inbox!

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