How to Earn Swagbucks Available on Kindle!

May 7th, 2014

I have compiled all of the best of my ideas from this blog, updated them, and added in a few more things, and put them together in a new ebook available on Amazon Kindle – How To Earn Swagbucks: Earn Swag Bucks Quickly to Earn Gift Cards and Cash!

I believe it is a very useful book if you are looking to increase your earnings. Everything is laid out in an easy to read style, and broken up into different sections. Unless you are already a very advanced SB user, you will make up what you spend on the ebook very quickly with the tips learned. I am confident of that.

So please check it out and let me know what you think! I would love to hear some feedback. I think it is a quality offering for those of you who like to swag buck, and I’m anxious to see if it is as helpful as I believe it to be!

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Redeem Paypal Through Swagbucks

April 18th, 2014

I have talked before about how $5 Amazon gift cards are the best reward on swagbucks, which is still true on a per dollar basis. They offer better value then anything else because they are a little bit discounted.

However, I have often lamented the fact that you could not redeem anything and get straight up cash for your work. Well, that is not true anymore. I have found that you can redeem your swagbucks for paypal, which is just as good as money since you can just then transfer it right to your bank account (which is what I do).

The trick is that your swagbucks email has to be the same email as your paypal account email. As long as that is the case, you can redeem your swagbucks for paypal. If it is not, then you have two options – start a new swagbucks account, or start a new paypal account. There are three different sizes you can get:

- $25 paypal for 2,500 swagbucks
- $50 paypal for 5,000 swagbucks
- $100 paypal for 10,000 swagbucks

At this time, I am not sure if there is a limit on how many you can order per month (like there is a limit of 5 $5 Amazon gift cards per month.

But, now there is a way to get cash for your swagbucks, which I find is a great motivator for me to get more. It’s nice to get Amazon gift cards or any other type of gift cards, but nothing is better than actually getting a cash reward!

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Swagbucks Daily Goal Bonus – Do You Have to Reach Second Goal?

April 9th, 2014

A few months ago, swagbucks added a second daily goal bonus, so instead of there being just one daily goal, there are two daily goals with different bonuses.  So, that raised the question of whether you need to reach just the first daily goal, or both daily goals in order to keep your streak of daily goals going.

The answer is that you only need to reach the first daily goal in order to continue your streak.

So, let’s say you have six straight days of reaching the daily goal. On the seventh day, your first goal is 90, and your second goal is 150. If you only get 100, that would meet the first goal but not the second goal. This would still be enough to continue your streak, which would push you to seven straight days, and give you a 25 point swagbucks bonus, payable the next month.

Hope that answers any questions, but let me know if there are any more.

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Swagbucks Accelerator Review

March 25th, 2014

A few months ago, Swagbucks added the “Swagbucks Accelerator”  which you have probably noticed if you’ve spent much time on the site. Basically, you pay money, and you have a chance to boost your swagbucks earnings. Right now there are two options:

- $4.99 and they will match up to 700 swagbucks per month.
- $9.99 and they will match up to 1500 swagbucks per month.

They match all of your swagbucks earned (not just for specific categories), and it appears in your account the day after the previous billing cycle. (For example, let’s say you sign up on the 25th… then you should see the bonus put in your account on the 26th of each month).

So, is it worth it? From a purely financial perspective, yes.

Since 1500 swagbucks can get you $15 worth of gift cards, and you can get that for $9.99, that is a good deal. If you are using your swagbucks to redeem paypal rewards, or to pay for things that you need or would otherwise buy, it is a good deal.

Many people use swagbucks just to get Amazon gift cards, and pay for things they want (but don’t need). If that is the case, I wouldn’t shell out for the Accelerator, because you are just spending $9.99 extra, and it will go toward things you don’t need.

Also, it should go without saying to only get the package for the amount of swagbucks that you earn. If you are only earning about 800 per month, it would not make any sense to go with the $9.99 plan, because you will be paying extra but not reaping the benefits. Only get the $9.99 plan if you are routinely getting 1500 swagbucks per month.

Do you have Swagbucks Accelerator? Have you found it to be a good deal?

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Swag Code Extravaganza on March 6th

March 4th, 2014

Get ready for March 6th, because there will be a lot of swag codes coming on that day! It is the “Swagbucks Solar Vertex Swag Code Extravaganza.”

It’s all part of the 6th birthday celebration at swagbucks, as extra swag codes was what people voted on should be the special of the day. Here are the details, from Swagbucks:

  • The EXTRAVAGANZA begins at 6am PT and will run until 6pm PT (9am ET – 9pm ET).
  • The day will be filled with fun, sun, sand and extreme heat – so bring your bottle of SPF-AWESOME!
  • Earn up to 36 Swag Bucks in Swag Codes alone!

Make sure to do whatever you need to do to be on the lookout for swag codes!

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Visit the Earn Swagbucks Forums!

December 13th, 2013

I am happy to announce that there are now forums here at Earn Swagbucks. The forums can be found here.

So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the community or me, and you are sure to find some answers!


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Do Your Black Friday Shopping Through Swagbucks

November 22nd, 2013

If you are doing any online shopping on Black Friday, you should do it through swagbucks.

If you go through Swagbucks, you will earn double the swagbucks per dollar spent. So, for all of your shopping, you will earn four swag bucks per dollar. If you are going to be shopping online on Black Friday, you may as well do it through Swagbucks!

If you are not already signed up, sign up for swagbucks today!

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Join the Swagbucks Team Challenge

October 21st, 2013

In case you missed it, Swagbucks is having the “Bats Vs. Cats Team Challenge” going on from now until Halloween.

It’s the spookiest time of the year. But fear not. The Bats vs Cats Team Challenge is sure to put some extra sweets in your trick-or-treat bag. Contribute points to your team’s total by winning Swag Bucks in the areas listed below. The team with the most points at the witching hour on Halloween night will earn a bonus 25 Swag Bucks, the runner up team will also get a treat of 10 Swag Bucks. The team member that contributes the most points wins a bonus 500 SBs!

 In other words… if you are on the winning team, you get 25 swagbucks. If you’re on the losing team, you get 10 swagbucks. You have a 50/50 shot of getting 25, and a 50/50 shot of getting 10. Either way, you get swagbucks for free!!
Join the challenge today!

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Earn Swagbucks With Surveys

October 9th, 2013

The following is a guest post from Marc. Thanks Marc for the contribution!

Hello!  I want to share my favorite (and in my opinion) the easiest way to earn a lot of Swagbucks with minimal effort in a reasonable amount of time.  Of course we are aware of the tasks such as the daily poll, NOSO, videos and plain old fashioned searching but when you’re either short of time and need to make the daily goal or have plenty of time to spare and want to earn another $5 gift card, Swagbucks surveys can propel your daily earnings to a whole new level.

Before attempting a survey you must complete most, if not all of your survey profiles.  The easiest way to locate your profiles is to select from the main page at the top, “Answer”, “Paid Surveys” then select “Go Now” under Survey Dashboard.  It is highlighted in light blue.  The best part about completing a survey profile is that you are rewarded with anywhere from 2-4 Swagbucks!  They generally take 10-15 minutes to complete but this will allow for Swagbucks to match you up with the best possible surveys based on how you completed your profile.

Upon completion of most or all of your profiles you will see on the left hand side of the screen a list of possible surveys.   To begin, click on “Start Survey”.  In my experience, I’ve noticed that surveys with a time length of 15 minutes or less will tend to “pay” out at a higher percentage than surveys with lengths of 30 minutes or more.  Also, surveys that have times such as 16 minute or 19 minute lengths typically will complete and credit for the full amount.  The times are all approximate and usually finish much quicker than stated.  If you notice a survey that is only 5 or 7 minutes in length, jump on it right away!

You will be asked general, non-identifying questions so the survey can be grouped together.  For example, it will ask you your age, sex, ethnicity, state, zip code, etc. but nothing personal beyond.  There is always an option to decline to answer if you are not comfortable with the question.  I have never once been asked my name or home address or social security number.  After the “grouping” questions are answered you will be taken to the survey if you qualify.  There are many times you will be disqualified but don’t get discouraged.  The survey may have already received its intended number of participants.  Also, for every disqualified survey you will earn 1 Swagbuck up to 5 per day!

A few things to keep in mind, some surveys require sound.  I’ve also seen where a webcam is needed.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking one of these types of surveys simply close the survey screen and select another.

I hope this has helped calm any fears of survey taking, many times they can be quite interesting and enjoyable!

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Swagbucks Visa Card

August 11th, 2013

NOTE: Tips like this and many others can be found in my ebook, How To Earn Swagbucks: Earn Swag Bucks Quickly to Earn Gift Cards and Cash! which is available for 99 cents on your Amazon Kindle.

If you have been on swagbucks recently, you may have noticed that they now have their own visa card. Here are the perks:

- You earn 1.25 swagbucks per dollar on every purchase. (in other words… when you spent $400, that would give you 500 swagbucks, or enough for a $5 gift card)

- When you use your card for the first time (as long as it is within three billing cycles), you get a 1,000 swagbuck bonus.

- When you spend at least $1,000 within the first six billing cycles, you get an additional 2,500 swagbucks.

Other terms include that there is no annual fee, and an 18.9% APR based on the prime rate, though it is a bit dependent on how you meet the credit criteria.

So, is it worth it? It is not a bad deal, though there are credit cards out there with better miles (some offer double miles or 2% cashback, compared to the 1.25 swagbucks per dollar). However, if you are not getting any rewards from your current card, it would be better than earning nothing. Of course, all of this is dependent on you paying off the card each month in full, and not carrying a balance at all.

Does the card interest you at all?

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