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June 10th, 2014

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Each day, there are a few things I try to do on swagbucks, because there are some guaranteed ways to earn each day. There are some things you can do a certain number of times per day, and if you don’t do them, you can’t make it up the next day. So, here is kind of a daily swagbucks checklist:

– Do the daily poll/NOSO – 3 SB – This is the one everybody knows! Doing these two things quickly is a guaranteed 3 SB each day.

– Do the daily Encrave – 1 SB – This is right near  the daily poll/NOSO on the front page, and gives you an easy SB.

Play the games 10 times – 10 SB – This can take a few minutes, but it’s an easy way to get 10 SB.

Go to the special offers and complete the 1 SB offers – 5-10 SB – The quality of the offers can vary based on the day, but in general you can get at least 5-10 SB from this, and possibly even more.

Try at least five surveys – 5 SB – When you try surveys, for the first five times that you try and don’t qualify, you get 1 SB just for trying. Not bad! And worth your effort, especially because when you do quality, it’s a huge boost for you.

Just if you do those guaranteed ways of earning, that is at least about 25 SB per day. Plus, there are a few other things I do every day:

Get a search – Sometimes it can take awhile, but eventually I am usually able to get at least one search that earns me some SBs.

Do activities through Encrave – This is my favorite way to earn currently, because the potential earnings are almost endless. You can get as many SBs for as much as you want to put into it, with some potentially large rewards. I usually can get 150-200 SB from encrave activities.

Watch Swagbucks TV – I just cycle through videos while I am at work, which can add up to a good chunk of earnings throughout the day.

Look out for Swag Codes – These will usually only get you 2-4 SB, but that is not bad for just pasting a code in.

What are some other ways that you are earning SB lately?

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