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October 9th, 2013

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The following is a guest post from Marc. Thanks Marc for the contribution!

Hello!  I want to share my favorite (and in my opinion) the easiest way to earn a lot of Swagbucks with minimal effort in a reasonable amount of time.  Of course we are aware of the tasks such as the daily poll, NOSO, videos and plain old fashioned searching but when you’re either short of time and need to make the daily goal or have plenty of time to spare and want to earn another $5 gift card, Swagbucks surveys can propel your daily earnings to a whole new level.

Before attempting a survey you must complete most, if not all of your survey profiles.  The easiest way to locate your profiles is to select from the main page at the top, “Answer”, “Paid Surveys” then select “Go Now” under Survey Dashboard.  It is highlighted in light blue.  The best part about completing a survey profile is that you are rewarded with anywhere from 2-4 Swagbucks!  They generally take 10-15 minutes to complete but this will allow for Swagbucks to match you up with the best possible surveys based on how you completed your profile.

Upon completion of most or all of your profiles you will see on the left hand side of the screen a list of possible surveys.   To begin, click on “Start Survey”.  In my experience, I’ve noticed that surveys with a time length of 15 minutes or less will tend to “pay” out at a higher percentage than surveys with lengths of 30 minutes or more.  Also, surveys that have times such as 16 minute or 19 minute lengths typically will complete and credit for the full amount.  The times are all approximate and usually finish much quicker than stated.  If you notice a survey that is only 5 or 7 minutes in length, jump on it right away!

You will be asked general, non-identifying questions so the survey can be grouped together.  For example, it will ask you your age, sex, ethnicity, state, zip code, etc. but nothing personal beyond.  There is always an option to decline to answer if you are not comfortable with the question.  I have never once been asked my name or home address or social security number.  After the “grouping” questions are answered you will be taken to the survey if you qualify.  There are many times you will be disqualified but don’t get discouraged.  The survey may have already received its intended number of participants.  Also, for every disqualified survey you will earn 1 Swagbuck up to 5 per day!

A few things to keep in mind, some surveys require sound.  I’ve also seen where a webcam is needed.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking one of these types of surveys simply close the survey screen and select another.

I hope this has helped calm any fears of survey taking, many times they can be quite interesting and enjoyable!

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