Earning Swagbucks in 2015

February 7th, 2015

Things can change quickly on swagbucks. One method of earning that you have been using for a long time could suddenly disappear, or be drastically changed in an instant. They always seem to be tinkering with things, which can sometimes be frustrating, and sometimes bring about new opportunities. So, I wanted to go through and show you the ways that I am still earning swagbucks today, and see how it differs from my first post here.

Daily poll / NOSO / Daily Crave – Of course, these are still around for an easy four SB per day. Nothing too exiting, but they work.

Swag Games – These are still around for an easy 10 SB per day. Check out this article for how to do these quickly, if you do not already.

Swagbucks TV – I still do this when I am at my computer, just clicking over to videos when I remember. Once again, it credits you after 30 seconds of watching a video, so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing. During the week, I can usually get probably 50 SB or more from these, because I am at my computer at work. During the weekends, when I am at my computer far less, I sometimes don’t get any, so this varies by day for me.

SBTV Mobile – This can be an easy way to get 36 SB per day if you have a smartphone (it may work via tablet as well, but I haven’t tried it). I found this about a year ago, and it has been a good, consistent earner. Even if the encrave activities aren’t as good, these are always steady. I know there are more mobile apps out there, but I only use this one simply because I don’t want to be running swagbucks on my phone all day!

Codes – I just watch for the codes in my email, and then input them. Here is an article talking about how to monitor these as easy as possible.

Searching – I still am usually able to get a search per day, but it hasn’t been as good the days when I could routinely get two or three per day. Some is better than none!

Encrave Activities – When these are good, it can be the fastest way to earn SB, and there can be a variety of activities. However, they don’t seem to be quite as good as in its hey day, as there are less activities, and they run out more often (usually by the afternoon I find there may or may not be any more activities for me to do).

– Surveys – I don’t do these very often, but on occasion if I have some time and am looking for a boost. As always, they can be a crapshoot, but here are some ways to maximize your survey earnings.

What I do less of:
Special Offers – I just haven’t found these to be all that good lately. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like they frequently don’t give you credit, and it is a big crapshoot. Thus, I only look at these really when I am in need of a few more, and hope that it will provide.

Toolbar – I find that this usually makes my computer run slow, and it’s not worth the extra SB per day.

What else am I missing in terms of ways to earn?

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  1. B in Texas

    I like the mobile app. I put a 10 Sec video as my favorite and let it run through when I go to bed at night. :) That way it isn’t taking up my phone during the day.


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