May Daily Swag Goal Bonuses Received – 933 SB

June 6th, 2014

I have written in the past about the nice boost from reaching your daily swag goals, and that was most true for me in May, when I got my biggest bonuses ever.

In May, I reached my goal every day (300 SB bonus), and with some rather large second goals, it made the bonus even higher. In total, I got 933 SB as my bonuses. Here is the proof, a screenshot from Swagbucks (click on picture to enlarge):

Daily Goal Bonus

Did you get any bonus SB’s for reaching your daily goals in May? Also, as a reminder, if you want to receive bonuses like this, be sure to check out my new book available on Amazon Kindle, How To Earn Swagbucks: Earn Swag Bucks Quickly to Earn Gift Cards and Cash!.

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