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August 13th, 2014

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As you have probably noticed, swagbucks has changed up their search a bit, as it is now powered through Yahoo to garner your search results. At first, of course, I was wary, as changes often mean lesser chances to earn. However, this is one that I like.

For one, I have still been able to earn. Most of the tips from this post last year still apply. While it seems to be a bit harder to get search swagbucks these days than it used to be (when I could regularly get search points two or three times per day using the same account… just on different browsers and different computers, and now I can usually only get once per day, and it often takes a long while), it doesn’t seem to be any harder now that they have re-formatted the search.

On the first day of the new search, I got 14 SB searching. On the second day, I got 8 SB. These didn’t take me longer than normal either, so I was pleasantly surprised about that.

The other thing is that the search results seem to be better. While Yahoo still isn’t better than searching with Google, it at least appears to be better than Bing, which is what I believe it was previously powered by. So that is probably the main benefit… the searches are actually a bit more helpful than they used to be.

As an added bonus, through Friday, August 15, you can earn entries into a 500 SB giveaway through the new search. Go here to learn the details of that.

What do you think of the new search engine?

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