Swagbucks Games Can Get You Ten SB Per Day

May 29th, 2013

Not many people know this, but you can get ten swagbucks per day just by playing games. Better yet, you don’t even have to play the games, you just have to let them play. Here is the step-by-step guide for ten easy swagbucks per day.

1) Hit Play at the top of the swagbucks site, which will take you to the listing of the games.

2) On the right side, under “Top FreePlay Games,” select Crusher. This one is the easiest to me, but feel free to select a different one.

3) When it goes to the screen for Crusher, click the green button that says “Play Free.”

4) After the game loads, click Start to begin the game.

5) Then, you can either play the game, or just let it play out until you “lose.”

6) This screen will show up, saying that you did not win any swagbucks this time:

You didn't win any this time, but keep at it!

7) Hit Play Again, and start a new game.

8) After you lose the second game, this screen will pop up:






9) Hooray! two swagbucks are yours… you will win two for every other game that you play, up to ten swagbucks won in a day. This is a pretty easy way that you can get some bucks each day.

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