How to Get The Most Swagbucks From Searches

April 30th, 2013

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Using swagbucks to search is probably the most common way that people get swagbucks. Since people search the internet every day, it makes sense that the ability to get something for that searching will be a draw for many people.

However, most people get a little swagbucks for searching, and then keep trying and trying without being able to get a second set, thinking that they just need to keep searching to have success. However, as the saying goes, you can work smarter rather than harder to maximize the swagbucks that you can get from searching each day.

I usually get 3 searches a day that result in swagbucks, which greatly helps my ability to get a big search (20 or more). It helps that I am able to get some at work and some at home, but here is how I do it:

Search 1 – I usually do this on Google Chrome at work. Usually it won’t take me too long, as getting search points is easiest the first time of the day.

Search 2 – I usually do this on Internet Explorer at work. If I get my first search in the morning, this second search will most likely come in the afternoon. It seems easier to get searches at different times of the day.

Search 3 – This one comes from Mozilla Firefox at home. I do this when I get home from work, usually a little bit before I go to bed for the night. I generally have good success getting the third search swagbucks under this scenario, but it doesn’t always happen.

In review, some tips:

Use different browsers – If you try to get more bucks searching on the same browser, chances are that it won’t happen. Use at least two different we browsers to maximize your odds. My favorites are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Use different computers – This is a similar sentiment to the previous tip – if you use different computers to do your searches, you will likely have more success.

Search at different times of the day – Even if I am using different browsers, I probably won’t get search bucks one after the other. I try to get one during the morning, one during the afternoon, and then one at night.

Don’t just keep doing searches all in a row – If I have done 4-5 searches at one time without getting any winnings, I will usually take a break and try again later. I have found that to be more effective than continuing to search 20 times for some swagbucks. Plus, that could get you in trouble with the site!

So, those are my tips for increasing swagbucks earnings via searches. Do you have any other tips?

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