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April 12th, 2013

The most common way that people earn swagbucks is through searching the internet. Since people seem to do this everyday, it’s not surprising that one of the first draws to sign up for swagbucks is that they can potentially earn rewards for doing something that they are already doing. So, it makes sense to try and learn as much as you can about getting search points as much as possible. Here are some things that I have learned that could help you maximize your search bucks.

– I usually search right away in the morning, and usually can get search bucks within my first 5-10 searches of the day. Generally speaking, these will usually be between 7-10 swagbucks when you get it, but I have gotten up to 59 swagbucks on a single search, so larger ones are possible.

– I have great success getting search points on multiple web browsers. For example, at work I have Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, and am usually able to get search bucks on both browsers. At home, I use Mozilla Firefox, and am able to get some search bucks on there as well.

– On the contrary, I have found it difficult to get search points on two different occasions with the same web browser in the same day. For example, if I get a search on Google Chrome at the start of the day, I have found it difficult to get one on the browser later in the day.

– Sometimes it helps to search at different times of the day. If I got my first search of the day in the morning, I wouldn’t really expect to get a second search of the day (on a different browser) until the afternoon. It seems like you have better luck if you vary the search times.

– Stay persistent!! If you are struggling to get any search bucks, keep trying! It will happen for you, sometimes it just takes longer than other times!

– Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day, which means that you are (in theory) more likely to get search points, and they are more likely to be for higher totals.  While on a normal day I might get searches as low as 6 bucks, on Fridays you typically will not find anything lower than 10 bucks.

– I have not really found any correlation between the things I search for and whether I win or not. From my experience, it is random – searching about particular things are not more or less likely to get you swagbucks.

Anyone else have any other helpful tips?

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